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The companies main activity is commercial metal heat treatment as a service to industry. The treatments are carried out to impart essential mechanical properties to components, thereby enabling them to perform in their prescribed duty. The treatments, performed by the corporation are part of the manufacturing process.

Factory Size : - 5252 sq Meters
Plant Capacity : - 400 tons of steel / month
Current Output : - 300 tons of various mix.

Equipment compromises of a mixture of gas atmosphere furnaces, salt baths, induction heating units, pit furnaces, tempering furnaces, normalize / anneal / stress relieve furnaces, shakers hearth production furnace, etc all coupled with modern controls as well as ancillary equipment, delivery vehicles and a fully equipped metallographic laboratory.

Ilaam Heat Treatments quality system is based on the ISO 9001:2008 requirements. The company intends to attain listing by no later than end 2018. Ilaam H.T currently has a 95% supplier rating to all its clientele.


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