About Us

Ilaam Heat Treatment was founded in 1998.

Ilaam Heat Treatment is a breakaway from Martemp Heat Treatment which was at that time South Africans leading heat treatment corporation. Martemp was sold to various interests. Ilaam H.T has provided an essential service to industry for 18 years with existing clientele dating back to Martemps days. Coupled with its long history, it has gained a wealth of experience in ferrous and non ferrous heat treatment and in addition to having a graduate metallurgical engineer as its founding technical advisor, the corporation prides itself in being South Africa’s leading competitor and expert in the use of gas atmospheres and ™DURFERRIT salt bath technology processes. As a result of its heat treatment expertise, it can offer industry a host of heat treatment processes, designed to obtain the most out of metal and alloys, particularly steel.

Ilaam Heat Treatment has been independently rated in terms of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act (BBBEE) and has been considered to be a Level 1 Contributor to industry.

We currently employ a workforce of 20 individuals all of which have been with our company from inception. All current employees have been trained to carry out their prescribed job descriptions and are continually motivated by management.

Some processes offered by Ilaam Heat Treatment include Carburizing, Carbonitriding, Neutral Hardening, Normalizing, Annealing, Stress Relieve, Austempering, Tufftriding® Tempering, Induction Hardening, Vacuum Processes, Production Hardening, Age Hardening of Aluminium, as well as specialized heat treatment which allows Steels to withstand Wear and Corrosion.

Apart from processing Ilaam’s manufacturing of furnace jigs and fixtures coupled with furnace sales and designs have been rated amongst the best in the industry.

For more processes contact us at our numbers below or e-mail.

To conact us:
Phone: 011 822 5463
Fax: 086 691 2453
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