Project List


Mining & Heavy Duty Chain Industry

Major mining and chain components are regularly treated at Ilaam H.T to meet the demands and quality standards of this industry. This is our speciality processes we currently servicing.
Major contracts are in place with well known clients

15Tufftride® - QPQ – Processes

80 000 stainless steels rings per month are currently Tufftride® using the ™DURFERRIT processes. No other Nitrocarburizing process such as Gas or Plasma can compare to this treatment.
Ilaam H.T is the only external Heat treater to carry out this process in S.A

16Gear & Armourmants

World renowned gear and military components are also treated at Ilaam H.T to which we boast a 99% quality, price and delivery rating for very well known S.A company’s.
Stringent quality is no compromise on these items

17Tool / Die & Automotive Industry

Components for Toyota, Ford, Nissan, BMW, etc. are constantly finding they way for specialized processes to Illaam Heat Treatment. We have tackled these processes with zero defect to date.
Ilaam has a ‘B’ suppliers rating for the automotive sector.

18Bolts, Nuts, Studs, Collars, Washers.

Carried out under controlled protective atmosphere out current output on these products makes up bulk of our capacity. Approximately 220 tons of material on a monthly basis.
We service the local and export markets on these