Service List

Hardening, Carburizing, Normalizing, Annealing, Stress Relieve, Blackening, Straightening, Carbo-Nitriding, Austempering, Martempering, Marquench, Induction Hardening, Tempering, Sandblasting, Tufftride, Liquid Nitride, Solution / Age Hardening Treatments etc.

Tufftride ® - Q.P.Q. Process

Tufftride processes is used to improve the wear resistance, the fatigue strength and in particular when combined with oxidative cooling – the corrosion resistance of components made from steel.

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Metallurgical Services

Metallurgical solutions both internally and externally are both carried out in our fully comprehensive materials testing laboratory. National and International traceability methods and standards are used.

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Carburizing and Neutral Hardening

Our salt bath line compromises of 8 gas and electric heated baths capable of carburizing and neutral hardening up to 1.5 meters long with a max of 500 diameter in circumference. Martempering, Austempering, Marquencing and Nitrocarburizing can be treated and combined with these processes.

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Production components are sent through a semi = automatic shaker hearth furnace under controlled atmosphere. The furnace capability is +/- 1 ton an hour depending on the product mix.

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